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About me

My name is Larisa Anaya. Born in Russia—then known as the Soviet Union—I now reside in Texas, United States. My passion for visual arts has been a lifelong affair. Although I pursued formal education in linguistics and teaching at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, my career has been diverse. I began as a French teacher and translator before transitioning to a 30-year stint in corporate business. Concurrently, I honed my creative skills as a graphic artist, book illustrator, and cartoonist in Moscow. Additionally, I dedicated time to studying figure life drawing, portraiture, and academic drawing.

In 2017, I embraced my enduring passion for art by rejoining the artistic community as an enthusiastic watercolor beginner. Since then, I have been actively learning, painting, traveling for art, exhibiting, and participating in both local and international juried exhibitions and contests. I am deeply committed to my journey in watercolor art.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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Thank you for visiting my gallery. As a watercolor artist dedicated to plein air painting, I journey through diverse landscapes, capturing the essence of each location with my brush. Painting en plein air deepens my connection to the world, drawing inspiration from nature, the people I meet, and the environments they shape. From the mundane to the magnificent, both in private and public spaces, I find beauty everywhere and am driven to share these fleeting moments through my art.

In this gallery, you will discover a collection of landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits, each telling a story from my watercolor travels. Enjoy exploring these painted reflections, where each stroke tells a story of time and place.

Juried Exhibitions, Publication & Awards

2018 "Watercolor 2018 " MFA, Moscow

2019  "Watercolor Pleinair" Art-Trophy Gallery Moscow

2019 "Watercoror 2019 », MFA, Moscow

2019 “1st Olympiart Festival", New-Dehli, India 

2019 "1st exhibition of Russian Waterlorists” IWS Sareh gallery, Moscow

2020 "Watersolot thaw" Art-Kremlin Izmaylovo, Moscow

2020 "Koktebel.Karadag" Moscow

2020 “3rd Biennale "Pearls of peace " Pakistan 

2020  “2nd  Exhibition of Russian watercolorists”, IWS Sareh Gallery, Moscow

2020 Exhibition of modern art "Sun stroke" ArtPriority Gallery, Moscow 

2020 International Watercolor Exhibition,   IWS Albi France Santé

2020 FestivalUrbinoAquarello, Urbino

2020  International  online watercolor exhibition JIWI , Niagata, Japan

2020 «AQUA FINE ART 2020», Moscow, Russia

2021 “4th  Exhibition of Russian watercolorists”, IWS Sareh Gallery, Moscow

2021  “5th Exhibition of Russian watercolorists”, IWS Sareh Gallery, Moscow

2021 «Watercolor with love»,  Russian Watercolor show in St Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk  - Jury Honors mention

2022 International online Watercolor exhibition, Abaninstitute, Iran

2022 International watercolor festival «Memory unite us», Thessaloniki, Greece – Jury Honors mention 

2022 International  online watercolor exhibition JIWI , Niagata, Japan 

2023 International pleinair festival in India

2023 FabrianoinAcquarello2023

2023 International  exhibition  "Watercolor without border" , Turkey

2023 1st International Festival of Watercolor "Rivers of Color". Mexico

2023 ART HOP Juried statewide art exhibition in Georgetown, Texas,USA

2023 7th International Pleinair Exhibition in San Diego, California, USA

2024 Lone STAR HORIZONS. Texan landscapes San Antonio, Texas

2024 Fabriano Acquarello2024, International exhibition, Bologna, Italy

2024 "IMPRESSIONS" group exhibition of Pleinair Artists of Austin, Hives Gallery, Austin< Texas

2024 47th annual group exhibition of Waterloo Watercolor Group, Austin

2024 75th annual spring jurried exhibition of TWS Texas Watercolor Society

2024 IMWA international juried online  exhibition 

2024 IMFA international  juried watercolor exhibition, Malasya


1st place Diploma in category “Waterscape” 2019
Excellence mention by Jury at 1st international Wartercolor Festival “Watercolor with love” Russia 2021

Honorable mention  by Jury at “Memory unite us” International Watercolor Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece 2022

2nd place award  at Buda Pleinair Festival 2023

Honorable mention by Jury at Capitola Pleinair Art Exhibition, California, USA, 2023

Top 20 award in International Watercolor Festival "Rivers of color". Mexico 2023

Red&White Gallery award at the 75th annual curried exhibition of Texas Watercolor Society< I2024ngr

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